Ossicle is a Recipe for Clinic Success

Ossicles are the smallest bones in the body and the only free-floating ones. They are unique. They are an amplifier, a bridge to better hearing, a necessary conduit to sound perception. Ossicle Hearing Clinics are unique, bridges to better hearing, and the essential to the care delivery as an alternative to the box-stores. This all started with two clinics in Kelowna BC and Fort McMurray AB, running full time between 2016 and 2021. The way Ossicle treats its patients, where everybody knows your name, trains and trusts its staff, simplifies processes, makes it easy get the best help, verified by new patients and long-term users alike, who will report to you that no clinic in their experience has ever been as good as Ossicle. The patient experience is the brand, substantiated by highly motivated, educated and well equipped professionals. Ossicle’s model was presented at an international forum in Switzerland in 2017. 

We now provide this clinic start-up and growth engine as a seal of approval to those clinics that are independent and want to have an independent recognition to differentiate themselves from their competition. Ossicle is about having fun with Audiology. But we also take it seriously. 

There are many great clinics and clinicians, but only very few are great. As a professional owner, find out how to get the Ossicle Seal of Approval or ask how we can assist you in the business development of your current clinic. Visit markushilbert.com for more information. 

If you’re an Ossicle patient, please let us know. We do not currently have a new clinic but hearing from you would be awesome! Please let us know in the contact form about your Ossicle experience.  If you liked what you saw and experienced at Ossicle, please tell your current clinic about us and to find out more about how they can earn the Ossicle Seal of Approval by visiting markushilbert.com

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